History of Solarwave®


SOLARWAVE -  world's 1st self-sufficient oceangoing catamaran


Solarwave 46 was built near Bonn, Germany, in 2009. She was driven down the river Rhein to visit the boat-show "Boot" in Düsseldorf in January 2010. The fair organised a special booth and Reiner Calmund named and christened this first electric solar-yacht.


After the boat-show the solar-catamaran cruised up the river Rhein from Düsseldorf to Mainz and Frankfurt against 8-10 km/h current, still in winter with little sun but lots of snow and ice. The cold journey ended in the Mediterranean Sea after having passed Danube and the Black Sea.


The Solarwave 46 still cruises through the Ionian Sea in Greece without needing diesel and fuel.


In August 2016 the new bigger sister Solarwave 64 got into water and cruised from Antalya, Turkey, to Greece, Italy, South France and Spain. One of the journalists called it the "TESLA of the SEAS" while he was testing the electric yacht in autumn 2016.


Since 2016 the 64ft yachts are being produced in Turkey and the electric sisters (55ft & 72ft) in China, all under control and help by German ship-engineers.


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